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New world. New powers. New enemies.


Elora enters the dark world of secrets from her parentspast, and in the midst of discovering her new abilities and learning how to use them, she will be forced to fight battles shes unprepared for in a war that supposedly ended twenty-two years ago.


Old enemies forge new friendships, leaving Elora lost and unsure who to trust, until a cocky vampire walks back into her life with a gift and a clue that will set the end of everything in motion.


The final chapter in the two-book Dark Secrets spin-off series, BOUND












 AM Hudson is a music loving, book crazy, ultra passionate writer from Australia.


She's down-to-earth and as normal as a crazy person can be. A young girl at heart,


she enjoys alternative music, lives to enjoy life, torture people in her novels and then


write happy endings that are never forgotten.


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1. When did you first start writing?




A: Ive been writing all my life; from short stories


Id sellto my sisters, right up tomy first really terrible novel at 14. But the Dark


Secrets series was my first really serious try,which has roughly been years ago


maybe more.


2. What inspired you to write?



A: Music. I hear stories in all kinds of music and love to sit quietly and imagine what


the story might be.


3. Who are some of your biggest influences?


A: Thats a tough one, because there arent really any literary ones these days. Id say


my influences are mostly musicians and filmmakers now. Peter Jackson, Muse,Thirty


seconds to Mars and Birds of Tokyo, to name a few.


4. Is there a special place you go


and a certain mind frame you like to be in before you write?


A: I have 4 kids. I write when theyre not hanging off my leg.



5. What's the most exciting thing that happened to you during your writing career?



A: I could say hitting number one several times on Amazon, but I like to think my


most exiting thing is yet to happen.


6. How do you come up with all the characters and different exciting plots?



A: I imagine or dream about a character then start writing the story and the rest just


falls into place, as if I have an invisible friendwriting along with me, or as if the


story happened somewhere else and Im just telling it.



7. What authors have inspired you through your writing and how did they inspire you?


A: Stephen King inspires me toss out excuses as to why I cant write and also to write




8. Do you have advice for any writer who's struggling right now?



A: Nothing to it but to do it. The only guarantee you have with writing is that


persistence pays and quitting leads to ultimate failure. You will begin as a terrible


writer, as we all do, and you will get better. But only by actually writing.








9. What's the silliest thing that you have ever experienced in your writing career?



A: One star reviews. Ha ha ha.


10. Could you share something extra that you would like your viewers to know about you are your writing?



A: Im a chocoholic. I suck the candy off M & Ms, three at a time, then eat the


chocolate, while I write. Im also a huge Reign, TVD and Outlander fan.



Extra things your fans would like to know



Your favorite song?   Exogenisis Symphony by Muse



Your favorite food? Cadbury chocolate. And Mexican food. But it has to be authentic.



Your favorite movie? Moulin Rouge



I have really gotten to know Angie and she is is one of the the most down to to earth



person I know and very kind hearted. I absolutely love her books. I would read



anything she writes. She is so talented her words seem to bleed off the page into you



heart lingering in your mind but never leaving your soul. It imprints as Jacob did on






If you want to follow her on facebook I have provided a link up above and you can



one click her new book here on my blog as well. Go to amazon this site and give her a



like please. I would like to that A M Hudson for letting me do this interview during



her busy time because I know how hard it could be with writing and kids. Kudus to



you Angie.










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